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Maricopa Little League's Machine Pitch division is available for kids 6-8 years old for both baseball and softball.  Players are taught more basic baseball skills. Coaches will encourage the players to refine and build on their skills helping to prepare them for the faster pace leagues to come.  Coaches will pitch only, no players, allowing the coaches the time to instruct and help the kids learn the proper way to hit.  They mainly use the machine to pitch. Scores are not kept but all standard rules and regulations are followed to build the players abilities and knowledge of the sport.

Baseball and Softball
tee-ball/Machine pitch

Maricopa Little League provides a safe, fun and competitive environment to help excel your children's Baseball and Softball endeavors.

• full uniforms
• 10 games
• full practice plan
• lined groomed fields
• clinics for kids
• roster limit 12

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