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baseball tryouts

Will be available prior to the spring season!

Ages 8-16

Softball tryouts

Will be available prior to the spring season!

‍Ages 8-16

Tryout faq

What time should I arrive?
Beat tryouts at least one-half hour, if not an hour, prior to your start time so you can check in and get your number.

What if my child is injured or too ill to attend tryouts?
Have the player, parent or guardian check in at tryouts and they can then be excused as injured/ill.

My child has a conflict with his/her age group's assigned time(s). Can he/she attend another age group's time?
Please make every effort to attend tryouts at the assigned times for your child. However, they can attend another age group's time if absolutely necessary.

How many tryouts should my child attend?
They must attend 1 but are welcome to attend all if they would like more opportunities to show their skills or if they enjoy being on the field.

What is the format?
There will be ground balls, fly balls, hitting, baserunning, pitching & catching stations.