maricopa little league

Spring Evaluations 2023

January 7, 2023

Evaluations are 01/07 at Copper Sky Park


Baseball is on field 2

⚾8U – 8am check in with 9am start

⚾9U – 9am check in with 10am start

⚾10U – 10am check in with 11am start

⚾11U – 11am check in with 12pm start

⚾12U – 12am check in with 1pm start


Softball is on field 3

🥎8U – 8am check in with8:30am start

🥎9U – 8:30am check inwith 9:30am start

🥎10U – 9:30am check inwith 10:30am start

🥎11U – 10:30am checkin with 11:30am start

🥎12U – 11:30am checkin with 12:30pm start

🥎13U – 12:30pm checkin with 1:30pm start


Baseball on field 3

⚾13U – 1pm check in with 2pm start

⚾14U – 2pm check in with 2:30pm start

⚾15U – 2:30pm check inwith 3pm start